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  1. @ressler: @hunterwalk "Twitter for iPhone" ---> http://t.co/MccsZWMYI2

  2. That @qz post is the direct opposite of this. http://t.co/lq4C4d4NwM

  3. The complete guide to structuring your ideal work day http://t.co/foFaWEIRzZ via @qz


  1. Sat in the middle of one of the biggest airports in the world and @EE can only deliver me bits at a snail's pace over 2G


  1. @pointdns Website down? Annoying :(


  1. @aljwhite: This is the best BuzzFeed post ever. I'm being deadly serious here. http://t.co/zEJ5l8d8zp

  2. @AlSweigart: If you don't trust the Tor network because it's an obvious target for NSA spying, now you know how Tor users feel about the internet.

  3. @scsentinel: Santa Cruz County to get new Internet backbone http://t.co/t1XxmJ6vVg

  4. @ahmednuaman Ballin' out of control


  1. @hunterwalk: Bet On People Prematurely http://t.co/1KXOqjdGPg [new blog post]

  2. @joshpuckett: @hnshah http://t.co/kBdkYyAe2o

  3. @hnshah: Common pattern: One company does something, it works. Others copy it then they wonder why it didn't work so well for them.

  4. @KarenODonoghue Have you tried Bond Daddies? Probably my favourite.

  5. EE appears to be telling my phone it's in GMT+2

  6. @RGA: The most embarrassing thing about that Apple - Media Arts Lab email exchange is the punctuation and grammar.

  7. @igniteflow: Dear Internet, please two-factor auth all the things. Thanks, Phil

  8. @tomux Get a rubber duck. It works! http://t.co/vSw786V8bW


  1. @markuskobler: Starting to find “reset your password” #heartbleed emails irritating… Simply upgrading OpenSSL will not cut it if your server is now rooted

  2. @doctorblogs: The drugs don't work... great @bengoldacre piece on #Tamiflu & Roche withholding trial info http://t.co/jx70fO4roG


  1. @potatolondon: Potato chairman @MrDylanCollins wrote this for the @WSJ. "The Twin Cities of Dublin and London" http://t.co/JmpG7jHFuR

  2. @MaisonGladys Absolutely. Just strange to see major infrastructure lobbying on tube adverts.

  3. Before building more runways why not make it more expensive to land a smaller plane at a large airport?


  1. @jwz: Crushits. It was to be a spectacular 19th Century publicity stunt with a carefree carnival mood. It ended in... http://t.co/lw9De08PiJ

  2. @TheStalwart: For the early morning crowd, if you weren't around yesterday, here's the latest Most Important Charts In The World http://t.co/j9YbHAHELJ


  1. Adverts in tube carriages for a second runway at Gatwick over a third at Heathrow. Wow. Logical, but unusual medium?

  2. @dontYetKnow: Learning another codebase generally involves fitting someone else's metaphors in your head. This is why devs are tempted to write their own.

  3. @barbaracassani: Protected views in London: http://t.co/XUO1sVz2nW (via @padolsey)

  4. On Upworthy http://t.co/kk5eN7rOGD (via @TomWhitwell)

  5. @hugorodgerbrown Sorted and deduped.

  6. Here's the list of recruiter domains blocked from sending us email. We'll keep this updated every week or so. https://t.co/LMJ1jEglKy

  7. Looks more viable that the Gizmondo https://t.co/QTgxPFEwqN

  8. Fix your product before inviting me to a salesy webinar about it

  9. @NativeSantaCruz: I like that someone in Santa Cruz would take the time to paint a sewer pipe... http://t.co/sAvB9guTqD

  10. @BBCAmos: Utterly fascinating how these 37.7kHz pings are on the Inmarsat arcs. #M370 http://t.co/ACzeOPnzsF


  1. I wrote something. “Nothing beats paper” https://t.co/G1OuolN29D

  2. "Honey, it's the '90s, remember? Microchips, microwaves, faxes"


  1. .@lambeth_council - your Lambeth Parking site just emailed me my password in plain text. Crazy insecure - pls fix.

  2. @AndiMann: What I learned at @Netflix - @adrianco at #IWConference < killer slide! http://t.co/VM5IKntrPk

  3. @iamdevloper: If you watch the Social Network backwards, it’s about a man gaining more friends and a girlfriend as he spends less time on Facebook.


  1. @jpaulellis: This may be the finest thing I've ever read in @TheAtlantic. http://t.co/TMfNggOBTB @conor64

  2. @pkedrosky: Just realized that, like imgur, many of my favorite startups didn’t realize they were startups when they started up. They just did a thing.

  3. @glynmoody: Government plan to adopt #ODF file format sparks standards debate in UK - http://t.co/OXO32HBMi0 #openstandards indispensable


  1. @ahmednuaman We use these for that http://t.co/se5eRHTWhs

  2. @ahmednuaman: @jasoncartwright and a router for a large solid internal walls bungalow? ;)

  3. @ahmednuaman Can't help you there, other than a RT :-)

  4. @ahmednuaman http://t.co/XKBx2ldj6c

  5. @webponce: Kudos to the man who can draw a freeform S. http://t.co/byE6lCDRxI

  6. @linkedinhelp 140403-008888 - someone has replied. It's a "known issue" apparently.

  7. I worry for Twitter if that's the best they can pick to show me

  8. I don't mind promoted tweets, but this crap is a waste of everyone's time

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I also co-own Ferrago Ltd, who publish videogames content to around 7m consumers monthly.