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  1. Potato Bay
    Potato Bay
  2. Poolside


  1. Breakfast


  1. Bus!
  2. Corridor


  1. Wet Republic
    Wet Republic
  2. Offsite


  1. Breakfast


  1. Santa Monica
    Santa Monica


  1. @vicenews: The world should really be paying attention to Scotland's independence vote: http://t.co/L556lxBZyW http://t.co/tAR8ESva2M

  2. @VICE: I Dressed Like an Idiot at Fashion Week to See How Easy it Is to Get Street Snapped http://t.co/CYdH9Mz82U http://t.co/kpBMU4BFKW

  3. Elections/referendums are very jittery when viewed only via Twitter

  4. Google Now knew the actual time of my delayed flight departure before the gate staff did


  1. @BBCPolitics: First Minister Alex Salmond cancels appearance at own #indyref count, @bbcnickrobinson says http://t.co/MkFUx8Z2bc

  2. The flight is delayed, and this time it isn't my fault

  3. @PaulChuckle2: In Tinchy's studio laying down some cool stuff. Fun day. http://t.co/rqjggyrd7L

  4. @MitchBenn: "Clackmannanshire Turnout" sounds like a particularly starchy pudding.

  5. This 747 costs $1/4bn, but they still use two gnarled, painted wooden sleepers as chocks to stop it rolling around

  6. If they put the bar *at* the airport gate then there would be less missed flights

  7. @lukeguttridge: The Curious Case of the Avocado, Which Should Be Extinct But Still Exists http://t.co/MdQdEtPO7y

  8. Going to be in the air when the Scottish referendum result comes in. Wonder if this BA flight will have the gear to communicate the result

  9. @pablorecio_ Tiny! I wonder what the smallest Android you can get is.

  10. @pablorecio_ Not a phone?

  11. Accidental Photo
    Accidental Photo


  1. Off to Africa!
    Off to Africa!


  1. Pub Jack
    Pub Jack


  1. @BiIIMurray: All I’m saying is you don’t see many neck tattoos on Jeopardy.

  2. Fire alarm, pub, toothpicks in @swolebeau 's beard


  1. Union Jack
    Union Jack


  1. Doing the washing
    Doing the washing


  1. Off somewhere exciting
    Off somewhere exciting


  1. @sirbonar: This is powerful evidence from @SenatorDurbin http://t.co/BZCwhFxhqE

  2. Move fast and break things. But then, you know, fix them. Please.

  3. @thom_wong: Have to write this again: Mike Brown was shot TWICE as many times as all firearms discharged by British Police last year. #Ferguson

  4. @rauper: Facebook to introduce "satire tag" for dense people: http://t.co/8jMCHecJHU

  5. @MartinSFP: I wondered why Obama wasn't sorting out #Ferguson. Then I read this and shook my head at the world > http://t.co/sIp6YoQb7V


  1. People Keep Getting Into Strangers' Cars Because They Think It's An Uber http://t.co/j3yikkGn1B

  2. @JamesCridland: Here's one reason why newspapers are slowly dying... http://t.co/yAYHaSUeXq


  1. Harrison Ford was George Lucas' & Francis Ford Coppola's carpenter

  2. Takeaway ordered, Indiana Jones on TV, cider in glass, wife in taxi. That's right - it's a daddy-night-in.

  3. @jessbrammar: Brixton, 2014. http://t.co/NpqUhDVW2g

  4. @AaronKlein: Wow…one of the best analyses of $YHOO I’ve read so far. If true, the Marissa Mayer remake might be paying off. http://t.co/vo3DaEGtZC

  5. @idiot: Brilliant. Reuters’ accidental Venn diagram: http://t.co/XAjkhKn3lk

  6. Parking (last of the child photos! I promise!) https://t.co/r0K0rVM4Kf

  7. @pablorecio_ I had only run 10k a few times when I did a half marathon. Of you can do 10k in 50-60min you'll make it. Pain though. Pain.

  8. @joffley A little harsh then perhaps

  9. @joffley Wow. What the hell was the link?

  10. Park crawling https://t.co/5O0m6e8IaS

  11. Bandstanding
  12. Unconvinced https://t.co/mnJZGXTG44

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Jason is a founder of Potato, a web application development agency in London.

I also co-own Ferrago Ltd, who publish videogames content to around 7m consumers monthly.