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  1. @xenophin: Aereo story fascinating. Bet they wont survive. Ironically it would be genius for TV networks to embrace 》 http://t.co/VePUFownN3


  1. @hartleybrody: How to be a great software developer http://t.co/m8Hqq8X8e5 <~ long, but well worth the read for software devs


  1. Clever Honey Badger don't care https://t.co/U5HJveZcnm (via @benhammersley)


  1. Exactly how it should be done - http://t.co/xZIl7qW8wr

  2. @TwopTwips: DOUBLE the excitement of watching Formula 1 by doing the ironing at the same time. (via @npellinacci)

  3. I clearly spend too long reading bland matter of fact tech stuff to see that this is how other people expect the web to look

  4. 'Family' orientated websites. Obvious, patronising language, crayon-like fonts and an overemphasis on safety apparently required.

  5. F9R test flight filmed from a drone, by @SpaceX https://t.co/BVEVzsZ2Qj

  6. "US is an oligarchy, not a democracy" http://t.co/AXPKnDX76L


  1. Cliff Jack https://t.co/u18hkPfqQ2

  2. @jpaulellis Disagree. Realtime revocation checks are a speed/privacy/security nightmare. https://t.co/NtbUGH7RBE

  3. Yeah, I want to make that thing - but it would require getting PIL to work on OSX

  4. @Quora: "How did we learn that the Milky Way is a spiral?" Barak Shoshany answers: http://t.co/H4MisBHm0U


  1. @alaindebotton: Russell Brand visits the philosophers mail: http://t.co/lb67TtRRUH

  2. In case you've not seen BaneCat before - http://t.co/hgo1Djg98E

  3. @danshapiro: If you have an android device and enjoy misplacing phones as much as I do, you should probably know about this. https://t.co/TQYQoSUsKv

  4. @ressler: @hunterwalk "Twitter for iPhone" ---> http://t.co/MccsZWMYI2

  5. That @qz post is the direct opposite of this. http://t.co/lq4C4d4NwM

  6. The complete guide to structuring your ideal work day http://t.co/foFaWEIRzZ via @qz


  1. Sat in the middle of one of the biggest airports in the world and @EE can only deliver me bits at a snail's pace over 2G


  1. @pointdns Website down? Annoying :(


  1. @aljwhite: This is the best BuzzFeed post ever. I'm being deadly serious here. http://t.co/zEJ5l8d8zp

  2. @AlSweigart: If you don't trust the Tor network because it's an obvious target for NSA spying, now you know how Tor users feel about the internet.

  3. @scsentinel: Santa Cruz County to get new Internet backbone http://t.co/t1XxmJ6vVg

  4. @ahmednuaman Ballin' out of control


  1. @hunterwalk: Bet On People Prematurely http://t.co/1KXOqjdGPg [new blog post]

  2. @joshpuckett: @hnshah http://t.co/kBdkYyAe2o

  3. @hnshah: Common pattern: One company does something, it works. Others copy it then they wonder why it didn't work so well for them.

  4. @KarenODonoghue Have you tried Bond Daddies? Probably my favourite.

  5. EE appears to be telling my phone it's in GMT+2

  6. @RGA: The most embarrassing thing about that Apple - Media Arts Lab email exchange is the punctuation and grammar.

  7. @igniteflow: Dear Internet, please two-factor auth all the things. Thanks, Phil

  8. @tomux Get a rubber duck. It works! http://t.co/vSw786V8bW


  1. @markuskobler: Starting to find “reset your password” #heartbleed emails irritating… Simply upgrading OpenSSL will not cut it if your server is now rooted

  2. @doctorblogs: The drugs don't work... great @bengoldacre piece on #Tamiflu & Roche withholding trial info http://t.co/jx70fO4roG


  1. @potatolondon: Potato chairman @MrDylanCollins wrote this for the @WSJ. "The Twin Cities of Dublin and London" http://t.co/JmpG7jHFuR

  2. @MaisonGladys Absolutely. Just strange to see major infrastructure lobbying on tube adverts.

  3. Before building more runways why not make it more expensive to land a smaller plane at a large airport?


  1. @jwz: Crushits. It was to be a spectacular 19th Century publicity stunt with a carefree carnival mood. It ended in... http://t.co/lw9De08PiJ

  2. @TheStalwart: For the early morning crowd, if you weren't around yesterday, here's the latest Most Important Charts In The World http://t.co/j9YbHAHELJ


  1. Adverts in tube carriages for a second runway at Gatwick over a third at Heathrow. Wow. Logical, but unusual medium?

  2. @dontYetKnow: Learning another codebase generally involves fitting someone else's metaphors in your head. This is why devs are tempted to write their own.

  3. @barbaracassani: Protected views in London: http://t.co/XUO1sVz2nW (via @padolsey)

  4. On Upworthy http://t.co/kk5eN7rOGD (via @TomWhitwell)

  5. @hugorodgerbrown Sorted and deduped.

  6. Here's the list of recruiter domains blocked from sending us email. We'll keep this updated every week or so. https://t.co/LMJ1jEglKy

  7. Looks more viable that the Gizmondo https://t.co/QTgxPFEwqN

  8. Fix your product before inviting me to a salesy webinar about it

  9. @NativeSantaCruz: I like that someone in Santa Cruz would take the time to paint a sewer pipe... http://t.co/sAvB9guTqD

  10. @BBCAmos: Utterly fascinating how these 37.7kHz pings are on the Inmarsat arcs. #M370 http://t.co/ACzeOPnzsF

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