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  1. The superb Apple Parenthood advert would be even better without the strapline http://t.co/2bhuM6Su5U


  1. Ideal. http://t.co/cxYdc9Xh3D

  2. Took the plunge and put the OS X Yosemite Beta on this new MBA. Works great, looks superb.

  3. My comment on @BrixtonBlog about Brixton branded clothes http://t.co/SAQEsGhaRB

  4. @pbakaus: App only != Mobile strategy. "Your #1 priority is to build a mobile website." from Google's new Mobile Playbook: http://t.co/FJSxsBEddf


  1. @swolebeau Also, he didn't say "quality" he said "a billion-dollar acquisition" :)

  2. People say tech is invading San Francisco. They said the same about my immigrant grandfather http://t.co/oD8KgPklfx via @washingtonpost

  3. The scroll over ads (hard to explain, or screenshot) on Eurogamer on mobile are really nicely done


  1. Official Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare - Campai…: http://t.co/E2wSBwn4KE

  2. @VICE: The Koch Brothers’ Fake Libertarianism: War, Forced Pregnancies, and Homophobia http://t.co/9ou5UB2pEX http://t.co/94Rc2iQwNq

  3. Sarah Palin Launches Her Own Channel Online http://t.co/vuJIHQRYlc via @Variety

  4. @BBCRadio4: Melvyn Bragg and John Humphrys argue about whether the historic present tense is bad grammar: http://t.co/YJmuJso1Ru http://t.co/yTMvi8Us1J

  5. Lucozade


  1. @JonnyGeller: How many copy editors does it take to change a light bulb? Too.

  2. Wanna Know Why Republicans Can't Give Up Calling Obama 'Not American'? They've Got Nothing Else. http://t.co/eKgL0yd6gB via @HuffPostPol

  3. Fontificating

  4. @swolebeau: LOL. Some guy has "beta build" burnt into his TV because he played Destiny so damn much (also crap TV) http://t.co/glYDleN6fR

  5. Left laptop at home by mistake. No problem - log into a random Chromebook and everything is there.


  1. Twitch explanation, with usual exacerbated gamer annoyed at lack of 'mainstream TV coverage' https://t.co/8Ht5HR7Toq


  1. @tmaslen Wonderful! Congratulations!

  2. @hitchmough: @jasoncartwright first to market is everything in F1. Other teams would simply use any good ideas.

  3. Please, please no more marketing campaigns based around selfies

  4. @fruitskin: @jasoncartwright nice, although that level of openness would probably mean you wouldn't get a spot on the grid! crowdfunded race series?

  5. Traditionally closed businesses that rely on being highly secretive are vulnerable and ripe for disruption, right? Why not in sport too?

  6. Trying to explain directions to a cab driver when half your face doesn't work is an experience

  7. Just had wisdom teeth out. It was like pulling teeth.

  8. Just had wisdom teeth extracted. Is was like pulling teeth.

  9. @EncantadaX Wrong Jason Cartwright :-)

  10. Sri Lanka not very good at rugby, Australia very good indeed. Total demolition.


  1. Some deduction reveals that I should find The News Quiz in the middle of @BBCR1 Dance Anthems, but it's not there

  2. The News Quiz on iPlayer, isn't the Toksvig hosted topical banner this Radio 4 listener was expecting http://t.co/y85GwIl53f

  3. @scsentinel: Massive warship expected in Monterey Bay on Friday http://t.co/FUvnChBwRv

  4. @swolebeau: Watching TV after work makes you feel guilty and like a failure —Science http://t.co/r7usqKTtci

  5. @arobertwebb Android has a 'Avoid poor connections' setting you can turn on

  6. @RGA: Good poster. http://t.co/579c4YyKNQ

  7. "Darth Vader is polling higher than all potential 2016 presidential candidates" http://t.co/dSfEOlJsXZ via @washingtonpost not @TheOnion

  8. Answer by Michele Westfall to Do deaf people talk in their heads? If so, are they words? http://t.co/g5V2eey4cS

  9. @_tomchristie: 'Django: Under the Hood' just announced. A new conference focused on advanced talks for experienced Django developers http://t.co/3B1gQThPdM

  10. @bengoldacre: I remind you: MPs are *elected* by MPs onto Select C'ttees, Tredinnick was chosen by the tories for science + health http://t.co/5llQC1H2ZJ


  1. @Astro_Alex: My saddest photo yet. From #ISS we can actually see explosions and rockets flying over #Gaza & #Israel http://t.co/jNGWxHilSy

  2. “Technology journalists are facing extinction” by @davelee https://t.co/szPwsUhCNy

  3. @joffley: @jasoncartwright But that would make Cybermen just... men

  4. You can stop putting the word cyber in front of things like cyber crime now. It's 2014.

  5. I wonder if anyone is using wifi tracking more nefariously. In 30 days 189 Addison Lee, and 224 Green Tomato cabs have gone past our office.

  6. Funniest internet comment I've read so far today: "Running for Republican office has turned into an audition for Fox News"


  1. This is amazing. They only have 50-odd app boxes, and the downtime lasted days. BBC Online Outage - http://t.co/Vv59paGWeO

  2. @paulg: Ben Horowitz: How to Ruin Your Company with One Bad Process. http://t.co/fV5heubJa3

  3. @cisnky @MrDylanCollins told me, but nobody seems to believe it

  4. @hellotim: @jasoncartwright Jump O'Round?

  5. I just found out that House Of Pain are from Ireland

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