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  1. @BiIIMurray: All I’m saying is you don’t see many neck tattoos on Jeopardy.

  2. Fire alarm, pub, toothpicks in @swolebeau 's beard


  1. @sirbonar: This is powerful evidence from @SenatorDurbin http://t.co/BZCwhFxhqE

  2. Move fast and break things. But then, you know, fix them. Please.

  3. @thom_wong: Have to write this again: Mike Brown was shot TWICE as many times as all firearms discharged by British Police last year. #Ferguson

  4. @rauper: Facebook to introduce "satire tag" for dense people: http://t.co/8jMCHecJHU

  5. @MartinSFP: I wondered why Obama wasn't sorting out #Ferguson. Then I read this and shook my head at the world > http://t.co/sIp6YoQb7V


  1. People Keep Getting Into Strangers' Cars Because They Think It's An Uber http://t.co/j3yikkGn1B

  2. @JamesCridland: Here's one reason why newspapers are slowly dying... http://t.co/yAYHaSUeXq


  1. Harrison Ford was George Lucas' & Francis Ford Coppola's carpenter

  2. Takeaway ordered, Indiana Jones on TV, cider in glass, wife in taxi. That's right - it's a daddy-night-in.

  3. @jessbrammar: Brixton, 2014. http://t.co/NpqUhDVW2g

  4. @AaronKlein: Wow…one of the best analyses of $YHOO I’ve read so far. If true, the Marissa Mayer remake might be paying off. http://t.co/vo3DaEGtZC

  5. @idiot: Brilliant. Reuters’ accidental Venn diagram: http://t.co/XAjkhKn3lk

  6. Parking (last of the child photos! I promise!) https://t.co/r0K0rVM4Kf

  7. @pablorecio_ I had only run 10k a few times when I did a half marathon. Of you can do 10k in 50-60min you'll make it. Pain though. Pain.

  8. @joffley A little harsh then perhaps

  9. @joffley Wow. What the hell was the link?

  10. Park crawling https://t.co/5O0m6e8IaS

  11. Unconvinced https://t.co/mnJZGXTG44

  12. @pablorecio_ Nice! You should try a half marathon

  13. All the fair weather park users have disappeared. Just Jack, myself and some footballers here.

  14. @mark_webster Yeah, superb!

  15. @mark_webster: @jasoncartwright is Lovejoy doing the arms folded at the elbow thing making out he's been a fan since the 80s?

  16. Grandmaster Flash is on Sunday Brunch. Why?

  17. Watching Frasier. Answering machines and car phones.

  18. @RichardDawkins: "Why don't animals have wheels?" Good little (anonymous) lecture here: https://t.co/5j3IXEjqOT

  19. Chain Reaction - Kevin Bridges & Frankie Boyle http://t.co/4LH6mbOgxY from @bbcradio4

  20. @BenedictEvans: Think of the first computer you ever used, and how primitive it would seem now. That's how a toddler today will remember the iPad.

  21. "Chance favours the prepared mind" — Louis Pasteur


  1. The Tories and the Police: The End of the Affair, http://t.co/FBerQsszmt from @bbcradio4

  2. That's Clapham Henry as in http://t.co/hx7W6YP8AZ rather than the hoover. But both blow hard, I guess.

  3. I know this isn't news, but Brixton gentrification is crazy. Every Clapham Henry is here, and I wasn't even offered skunk on the high street

  4. @honestburgers Brilliant! That's dinner sorted then!

  5. @honestburgers Do you do takeaways from your Brixton restaurant?

  6. Sheriff Buford T. Justice

  7. @dN0t: Datetime is definitely a struggle in Python, recommend checking out Arrow. http://t.co/9MliW9hPh0 #pygotham

  8. "Open source isn't just about community and warm-fuzzies, it is [...] a better approach to software development" https://t.co/NcCAK6esOd


  1. @jeffweiner: Acting like an a**hole is easy. Managing compassionately, that's hard.

  2. @cluedont: Don't worry if you've forgotten the first rule of Passive Aggressive Club, it's fine.

  3. @RevRichardColes: I don't think if you take religion away it will reduce human strife at all, but we do mobilise crazy badness so effectively.

  4. What are the advantages of integrating source control systems and bug trackers for team project work? http://t.co/FGVZbTlNlJ

  5. There is an ingress player who lives near my house and works near my work. Feel stalked.

  6. @snorewell: How to start a creative agency. http://t.co/9LcjfTyYBv

  7. http://t.co/s019RpPOXm -- this is setup to deliver some corkers (via @swolebeau)


  1. Biblical rain & hail in south London


  1. @kneath: Whoa, the *CEO* emailed me the day after I signed up for a product. Incredible! I can’t believe they had time to email me!

  2. @lukeguttridge @jwallis Ribery! What /are/ his intentions?

  3. "normally work at 20% but I am prepared to drop my fees to 18% for the first placement" - LOL, blocked

  4. @kazade: @jasoncartwright Same here! I've set up a GMail filter for FB emails and enabled notifications so if anyone contacts me I see and can ignore

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