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  1. @Astro_Alex: My saddest photo yet. From #ISS we can actually see explosions and rockets flying over #Gaza & #Israel http://t.co/jNGWxHilSy

  2. “Technology journalists are facing extinction” by @davelee https://t.co/szPwsUhCNy

  3. @joffley: @jasoncartwright But that would make Cybermen just... men

  4. You can stop putting the word cyber in front of things like cyber crime now. It's 2014.

  5. I wonder if anyone is using wifi tracking more nefariously. In 30 days 189 Addison Lee, and 224 Green Tomato cabs have gone past our office.

  6. Funniest internet comment I've read so far today: "Running for Republican office has turned into an audition for Fox News"


  1. This is amazing. They only have 50-odd app boxes, and the downtime lasted days. BBC Online Outage - http://t.co/Vv59paGWeO

  2. @paulg: Ben Horowitz: How to Ruin Your Company with One Bad Process. http://t.co/fV5heubJa3

  3. @cisnky @MrDylanCollins told me, but nobody seems to believe it

  4. @hellotim: @jasoncartwright Jump O'Round?

  5. I just found out that House Of Pain are from Ireland


  1. @jpaulellis Pretty much. Less than a four star avg rating and an Uber driver is out

  2. @tomscott: Suspicious there haven’t been any recent @parliamentedits. I’ve made a new FoI request to see if they changed IPs: https://t.co/p5khJyQnNZ

  3. He got 3

  4. Does the terrible Uber driver get 3 or 4 stars? #firstworldproblems

  5. @hugorodgerbrown: I know it's not popular, but the "you know there's a bug when someone complains" strategy is quite effective, and the epitomises #Lean.

  6. @edhgoose: I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/evpcJ7wvFR Giant Underground Trampolines!

  7. @rossboardman @bizear Another time! See you soon!

  8. @jimhousden: @jasoncartwright It's also a very useful to list to use to entertain yourself with bad company names and poor websites.

  9. Recruiter blocklist now contains 81 domains. Some have adapted and are using their personal gmail accounts though. https://t.co/LMJ1jEglKy

  10. @mrdylancollins The security guards have realised their power and are staging a coup on society's power-centres (our offices obvs)

  11. @mrdylancollins Weird! Security here just locked everyone out of Potato, and then took their phone off the hook.


  1. Google looks to the day when it can quit building its own servers http://t.co/IWC0qtyNy4 via @pcworld

  2. The future of warfare: Why we should all be very afraid http://t.co/dgcPS5joOj via @Salon

  3. All new Toyoto Aygo. With an advert idea that everyone on the internet saw a year ago. Lazy.

  4. #ukrain SE5 10/10

  5. @hkanji: Carlos Slim calls for a three-day working week http://t.co/OwbNMkOMHG


  1. @warisboring: “When You Mess With Civilian Airliners, You Mess With the World” https://t.co/pvuf0NzI2G

  2. A man with a plan for six Californias http://t.co/8HrAoDJtVi


  1. Good afternoon/morning London

  2. Rich people often have terrible taste. See: Dubai, footballers, Vertu phones

  3. It’s hard to put the scale of London’s property boom into words, so here are some charts http://t.co/4bZEIEQ5Gg via @qz

  4. “How to Flawlessly Predict Anything on the Internet” by @waxpancake https://t.co/6nm5s8iiA7

  5. @ReasonDigital: "There are many ways of being smart.” How one school reached out to its pupils. http://t.co/iMBCu6jBz3

  6. @asymco: The BBC is completely tone deaf when it comes to technology reporting

  7. @paul_irish: Sorry Flash. Heavy flash sites will now get a warning & smaller link in Google search results. http://t.co/zUwnmsgvMZ http://t.co/xxMqecX5fd


  1. Colbert destroys that incredibly stupid vessyl thing http://t.co/jKkxQh6rJr

  2. @VirginAtlantic Is your phone system broken? Ringing service dept and it never rings after pressing options.

  3. Twitter's translation suggestions are pretty much broken. So many false positives

  4. @taylorbuley: This has been re-shared ad nauseam among programmers, but for good reason: it's hard to change a culture http://t.co/xIKVmcbMj2

  5. Giffen good http://t.co/iV3RLG27E7

  6. Perverse incentive http://t.co/Qhf0lnn2Ly

  7. This is what political patronage looks like from space http://t.co/nyC5Aplvk3 via @qz


  1. "Forget The Wisdom of Crowds; Neurobiologists Reveal The Wisdom Of The Confident" http://t.co/RTYxLwqgng

  2. Yoenis Cespedes nailed a runner at home from 300 feet away http://t.co/ovJ8S6T4YA via @forthewin

  3. Bonny Doon
    Bonny Doon


  1. @ThamKhaiMeng: Agency scores own goal with this ad. #GERARG #worldcupfinal http://t.co/TYMuOsRnVN

  2. @lukeguttridge No

  3. @lukeguttridge It's the summer in the northern hemisphere

  4. Constructive Twitter advertising from slightly bizarre youth nonprofit group @GenOpp http://t.co/Yorw0jdi6N

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